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Shades of us

Work within schools has also involved work with young girls. The interest in football by girls has always been high but their biggest barrier has been the ridicule given by boys.

Projects with girls discuss issues around race, ethnicity, self esteem, identity, cultural awareness and understanding racism

Shades of us
The Football Unites' Youth Worker often works within schools, on projects like "Shades of us"

“Before starting the group I thought as though the identity of someone was based on how people are and lived their lifestyle. By this I mean for example a Pakistani person would live their life the Islamic way. My thoughts were not misjudged by someone’s appearance just a little stereotypical. My opinion was ironic because I feel not only now but then that people should not judge on what they see linking this with a major issue that the group discussed - the theme of “Being a young black woman in the society of today.""

Before the group I felt that young women were pressurised a lot because of the fact that we were stereotyped. We are stereotyped as being a bad influence on others. Before discussing this issue with the group it made me not only angry but upset to think that no matter how much we try to be a success in the community there will always be someone with different opinions and issues holding us back and stopping me from achieving even higher.”

Written by a pupil from Fir Vale Secondary School.

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