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Somali Blades

Football Unites has supported Somali teams since the start of the organisation. The game of football is very popular with the significant Somali population living in Sheffield, which has grown rapidly as a result of migration following the civil war in the late 20th century.

The first group of players helped were quickly named the Somali Blades, after Sheffield United donated a kit, and matches were arranged with Somali teams in London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff.

The Somali Blades earned prominence when they were one of the first two English teams to participate in The Anti-Racist World Cup, or Mondiali Antirazzisti, in Northern Italy, in July 1998. The other UK team was the Abbeydale Youth Project from Sharrow, and the two teams did fantastic to both reach the final, where, exhausted after playing for three days in searing heat, they shared a 0-0 draw.

The final was replayed as part of the first Community Day at Bramall Lane in May 1999, with the Somali Blades winning 2-0.

Somali Blades
The Somali Blades celebrate after winning the Football Unites Community Cup.
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