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Ramadan Emergency Project

FURD's Saudat and Mehrun did a sponsored walk last weekend (whilst fasting) and are raising money on behalf of One Ummah charity to help refugees inside Syria.

Saudat said,

"Hello! I'm raising money for Syria and would love your help! Most of you are aware that Syrians are being attacked, losing loved ones and their own homes every single day. Things are even harder than we can imagine. Children and families are really suffering and it's everyone's responsibility to take action where they can, we can't go there physically but there are people there on the ground doing as much as they can and they need all the support and funds they can get.

I am trying raise some money on the behalf of One Ummah (see link below). Volunteer Aid worker Tauriq 'Tox' Sharif, from East London packed up and left for Syria in 2012 and has been there ever since, delivering aid in Aleppo, other Syrian cities and trying to raise awareness about what's happening out there. So he's started the Ramadan Emergency Project to try and build a refugee camp in Idlib, Syria.

"Please donate whatever you can spare, keep in mind the people you would be helping! Here is the link" (below)

You can also check out the live updates from Syria on the instagram page below.

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