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A major strand of Football Unites' work is, of course, football.  Football Unites are involved in a number of initiatives to encourage young people, and especially minority groups, to become actively involved in playing the game. Many anti-racist football campaigns are purely political.  Whilst Football Unites is at the forefront of the campaign politically, we pride ourselves on tackling the problem on multiple fronts.  Our unique approach is our direct work with minority groups and young people to involve them in the game.
Streetkick at our community day


Football Unites uses its revolutionary mobile football game to take football to the masses.  See how Football Unites is pioneering anti-racist work in hard-to-reach urban areas.

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Football Coaching

Football coaching

Many professional football clubs have difficulties in attracting youngsters from certain minority communities to their training schemes.  Football Unites has had tremendous success at reaching these youngsters, a number of whom have progressed on to training with local professional clubs.

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Football Unites advert at Bramall Lane

Working with clubs

A corner-stone of any anti-racist football project is its relationship with professional football clubs.  Discover the practical benefits that Football Unites has helped to create at our local clubs.

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