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Streetkick is a mobile, inflatable mini football pitch that is able to pack into a relatively small trailer and move from one location to another. 

Since its humble beginnings in the autumn of 1998 the Streetkick game has grown almost out of all recognition, it has also in many ways developed into one of FURDs most ‘high-profile’ areas of work.

Visually the game has changed dramatically; the original wooden-panelled game (built by FURD volunteer Kevin Titterton) was replaced by an ultra-modern and larger inflatable one in the summer of 2003 - thanks to Sport Relief funding.  This ‘new’ Streetkick has exceeded all the organisations expectations in terms of practicality, mobility and how it has been received by young people.  In many ways it had the effect of increasing the almost ‘cult-like’ status Streetkick has built up over the previous years. 

Streetkick in Porto
Streetkick event for German fans during Euro 2004
There are many things about Streetkick have changed dramatically during the game’s lifespan.  However, the one thing that hasn’t changed, the ‘immovable goalpost’, is the underlying aim behind its creation, namely anti-racism, or more specifically:

Combating Disadvantage

Targeting areas with relatively high numbers of Black & Ethnic Minority (BEM) young people – where these young people don’t get opportunities to take part in organised football

Anti-racist work & education

Targeting areas with known racial problems and/or areas with low numbers of BEM young people in order to raise racial awareness

Community Cohesion

Bringing young people from different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds together in positive ways in order to ‘break down barriers’. 

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