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David Blunkett MP (former Secretary of State for Education and Employment and Home Secretary) thought up the national MV scheme, after finding out that†many young people donít†become involved in volunteering in their communities. He came up with the idea of MV for young people aged 16-24 and introduced it in England and Wales in 1999.

Millennium Volunteers (MVs) are young people who give up their free time to help their local communities and give something back to society. You might find them coaching a school football team, working at a local youth centre or helping to organise a community event. MV allows young people to build on their interests, to develop themselves and make a difference to their communities at the same time.

After 100 hours of volunteering, MVs will be presented with an Award signed by the Minister for Skills and Vocational Education, however the ultimate aim is to reach the 200 hours target when MVs will receive an Award of Excellence signed by the secretary of state.

MV is recognised by lots of employers, colleges and universities. UCAS (the organisation helping young people apply to university) encourages young people to include their MV experience and any MV Awards they have achieved on their UCAS application forms.

Through the course of their voluntary work, MVs will gain valuable skills and experience that they can make use of in the workplace, such as team working, decision making and communication. MVs can learn practical skills too, such as designing websites, learning new football skills, etc. Having MV on your CV is something that really makes employers and universities sit up and take notice.

In Sheffield there are two MV projects, Sova based at Carver Street in the city centre and Sheffield Futures' scheme, delivered by Football Unites†based in Sharrow.

Football Unites Racism Divides is an anti racist project working with young people and adults to reduce racism at all levels in society and in particularly football.

So if you are aged between 16-24, Millennium Volunteers could be for you.

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