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Statue of Arthur Wharton is unveiled at St George's Park

FURD was present at the National Football Centre, the training hub developed by the English FA at St George`s Park, Burton-on-Trent, on 16th October to witness the unveiling of a 16 foot statue of Arthur Wharton.

The permanent memorial recognises the pioneering achievements of Wharton, the world`s first black professional footballer, and St George`s Park chairman David Sheepshanks talked at the launch of the huge potential of the statue and of Wharton`s story to inspire future generations.

The statue was created by sculptor Vivien Mallock after a long campaign by the Arthur Wharton Foundation.

The event was attended by members of Wharton`s family, former top footballers including Viv Anderson, Cyrille Regis and Paul Davis, FA representatives and representatives of the campaigns to raise Wharton`s profile.

FURD has been campaigning to raise awareness of Wharton`s story for nearly 20 years, and in 1997 a FURD fund-raising campaign enabled his grave to be given a headstone in 1997.

Howard Holmes of FURD said, `We are all very proud. A story that started so long ago in west Africa, that took so many turns, has now been recognised by the English FA.

`The statue is a milestone but the journey of legacy continues, it is one which FURD will continue to be at the centre of.`

FURD has created a range of learning resources, including a 30 minute documentary film, based on Wharton`s life as part of its Heritage Lottery funded Arthur Wharton Heritage Project. Most of the resources can be accessed through The accompanying exhibition - which is available to hire from us - was on show at the statue unveiling and FURD`s Arthur Wharton comics and booklets were given to all attendees at the event.

The Heritage Project worked with local schools using Wharton`s story to inspire young people to produce art, drama and poetry, and some of the young poets, Jess Wood and the Newfield School `flash mob`poets, wowed the audience at St George`s Park with their moving performances.

The event came the day after FURD had hosted a visit by relatives of Wharton to the Arthur Wharton Archive, part of FURD`s Resources and Information Centre at its base the U-Mix Centre in Sheffield. The relatives are descendants of Arthur`s wife`s brother, and brought with them Arthur`s `birthday book`, containing notes of significant birthdays in Arthur`s own writing.

Newfield School poets with the Arthur Wharton statue (Click for full size pop-up)
Newfield School poets with the Arthur Wharton statue
Wharton family and statue resized (Click for full size pop-up)
Members of Wharton's family at the statue unveiling

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