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African Dream Team wins the All Nations tournament

The twelfth All Nations football tournament took place at the U-Mix Centre on 25th October 2014, with African Dream Team retaining the title that they won last year.

Ten teams competed in two leagues of five in the 6-a-side tournament, which aims to encourage players from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds to take up both formal and informal opportunities to participate in football. Players from a wide range of countries came together for the tournament, including Algeria, Somalia, Yemen and Syria, as well as Sheffield born and bred players from white and BME backgrounds. The African Dream Team 'A' team beat their 'B' team in the final.

The tournament is a joint initiative between Football Unites, Racism Divides and Sheffield & Hallamshire County Football Association.

African Dream Teams  (Click for full size pop-up)
African Dream Teams at the All Nations tournament
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