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Racism in football discussion

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Rumana Ch, 29 January 2007
Racism, in any form is wrong and the time has come to tackle the problem unequivocally. It is necessary to kick racism out of football because it is intolerable. The skin colour, origin or nationality of footballers should no longer be cause for mockery and taunts from a small handful of individuals who are, unfortunately, responsible for bringing utterly intolerable attitudes into the game and who prevent the vast majority of supporters from enjoying their football.
It is necessary to kick racism out of football because it is hurtful and troubling. Football reflects society itself and yet stadia have seen the arrival of attitudes, behaviour and movements targeted against black footballers that are insulting to genuine lovers of the sport. Although we are, together with the fans, players and clubs, fighting to eradicate this kind of behaviour, I still find it deeply hurtful and troubling. We cannot let our guard down. We must press on with our fight as we also work to educate young children.
oliver nartey, 10 May 2007
Racism Exists!!
To all the FA top dogs, get out of your flahsy offices & STOP racism!!

you get paid enough, make a differnce to the world.
musharaf, 2 June 2007
Racism is serious and needs to be taken out if the game
ur mum, 21 November 2007
Racism should just stop there is no need for what the fans shout at black players or players from a different country
sam , 28 January 2010
Racism should be a punishable crime to commit for football players as every single incident that has had a remark made by a player the always get away with and it needs to stop !!!!!!!!
Ryan Bowen, 9 May 2012
Let's do everything we can to kick racism out of football! It is hurtful and ugly.
Usmaan and Gihan - 6A,NPS Gaborone, 19 June 2012
It would be great if this were true, because I have aalyws thought Irish people tended to be racist, and given our history, it makes me cringe. This is encouraging news.In the North you can be pleasently surprised as well. In Antrim Town slogans have appeared on walls, people have been attacked and threatened. And yet, in a working class pub in the town, there are people from all nationalities and colours drinking together without rancour. It is not one of these forced some of my best friends . type of thing, it is that natural that local people hardly notice the newcomers.So there is hope here, especially as much of the racism is caused by young people who in the recent past could have been gainfully employed attacking Catholics.
Sam, 17 September 2012
Why does the fa get in touch with the scottish fa and see how they dealt with it when mark walters and paul elliot where the first black players to play up there and there doesnt seem to be any racism in the crowds now and of course they had the problem with religion so get going fa and sort it out. They did.
dont give in, 25 October 2012
Racism out of football!
Kayley Doherty, 8 January 2013
Racism has been out for to long, I feel it must stop because underneath it all we are all the same, and I feel our organisations should get in contact with players and also the FA to make an agreement on how to stop racism and here what people have to say. Also for my second point I thi racism is gonna have to stop because some fans are now going to be scared to go to these games because they feel that they will be racial abused and I think to stop this we are gonna have to have police in the crowed watching over the fans through out the game to make sure that no one gets racialy abused and that they can go to the game and watch the football. However to do this we must all come together and united to stop racism and show the world that it must end.
Adam Jones, 12 February 2013
we need to kick racism out of football for good!
Curtis schofield, 4 March 2013
To be honest I believe that racism is wrong for anyone's ears but listening to racism in football is just totally wrong. A football ground is a family venue, not an EDL march and therefore I think that those who are racist and go to football should be banned from every football ground in the whole of England and recieve an unlimited fined. A football ground is not for racists, its for the young fans who want to grow up and be like their favourite player not to hear foul mouthed racists.
James Thomas, 13 November 2013
no racism
jack, 26 June 2014

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