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Football Against Racism in Europe

Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)

In 1999, Football Unites met with several other European anti-racist organisations to create the FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) Network.

FARE wants to see the 'beautiful game' played without the cancer of racism.  Unfortunately, at all levels of the game, from amateur to international, there are still incidents of racism. These can take the form of abuse directed at foreign players, to the mass 'monkey' chants by supporters. FARE believes such behaviour, on and off the field, is unacceptable and unwanted by the majority of fans and players.

The FARE network campaigns against all forms of discrimination in football: in the stadium, on the pitch, in the changing room, at the training ground, in the office and classroom; by fans, players, managers, coaches, administrators or educators.

FARE is a loose coalition of campaign groups, united in their desire to remove racism from the game.  Through co-ordinated action and common effort, at local, national and European level, FARE has had incredible success in combating discrimination in football.

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FARE plan of action

FARE calls upon football governing bodies and clubs to:

  • recognise the problem of racism in football
  • Adopt, publish and enact anti-racist policy
  • make full use of football to bring people together from different communities and cultures
  • establish a partnership with all organisations committed to kicking racism out of football in particular with supporters groups, migrants and ethnic minorities. 

FARE commits itself to:

  • challenging all forms of racist behaviour in stadia and within clubs by making our voice(s) heard
  • include ethnic minorities and migrants within our organisation and partner organisations
  • work together with all organisations willing to tackle the problem of racism in football.

Action Week

Every year, thousands of players, fans, community groups and campaigners all stand united in what has become Europe's biggest anti-racist event.

Mondialia Antirazzisti

Fans from the length and breadth of Europe each year travel to Italy to celebrate tolerance and their love of football for the anti-racist world cup

Free your mind

In 2002, FARE joined the likes of Anmesty International, Greenpeace and Bono, to win the MTV Free Your Mind Award.

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