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Free, online educational resources

A new ‘toolkit’ of free, quality online educational resources has just been launched, bringing together material from across Europe that uses football to challenge racism and homophobia.

The database includes resources in several European languages that have been created by football clubs, teachers, coaches, fans and equality groups. It includes short films, education packs, quizzes, competitions, fact sheets, posters and web pages, and can be searched by language, country, type of resource, subject and age group.

The toolkit has been developed by FURD as part of the ‘Football for Equality’ programme. ‘Football for Equality: Challenging racist and homophobic stereotypes in and through football” is a programme of activities part-funded by the European Commission Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme.

The toolkit can be found on the FARE website at  – or see then select ‘Football for Equality: Educational Resources’ from the menu on the left. Alternatively, follow the link below to go straight to it.

Football for Equality logo
Football for Equality logo

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