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Wharton, Walter, Wayne and the World Cup

To mark Black History Month, Football Unites is organising an event on 20th October to celebrate the early black pioneers of football, Arthur Wharton and Walter Tull, in the lead up to Africa's first World Cup finals.

The event will trace the story from the first black professional footballer in the 1880s to the first World Cup finals to be held in Africa in 2010, and highlight the long history of the relationship between football in England and South Africa. The event is particularly suitable for teachers and other educationalists as we'll be highlighting some of our forthcoming educational initiatives based on Wharton, Walter and the World Cup.

Guest speakers include Phil Vasili, author of a new biography of Walter Tull called 'All the Guns in France Couldn't Wake Me', and Belinda Beasley, Insights Coordinator of Sheffield Theatres, who will talk about the play 'Theres Only One Wayne Matthews' by Roy Williams which looks at racism and football and will be showing at the Crucible and touring schools in the area in February and March 2010.

The event is at Sharrow Community Hall, John Street, Sheffield from 4-6pm on Tuesday 20th October. Entry is free but places should be booked by phoning us on 0114 2553156 or emailing to ensure we have enough chairs and refreshments!

Walter Tull
Walter Tull, footballer and British army officer

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