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Wigs unite!

Thursday, June 12:  Well the FURD Geneva group are on their way back to Sheffield just as our Austria team fly out to Innsbruck. The Geneva team were running football games on a ready constructed mini football pitch, whereas the second group of FURD staff is working with its own inflatable Streetkick game which has undertaken the long road trip to Innsbruck.

We celebrated with the Swiss-Portuguese at the Fanpark last night, after Portugal's 3-1 win over the Czech Republic, discovering that wearing silly green and red wigs guaranteed you loads of new friends.

But the party atmosphere at the Fanpark didn't last long, with the hosts being dumped out of their home tournament after just two games.

The collective groan when Turkey scored their late winner in their 2-1 victory over Switzerland was broken only by a handful of delirious Turkish fans, whose post-match celebrations were sulkily tolerated. One thing we've learnt is that the Swiss are very polite!

A seven hour train journey through the mountains to Innsbruck stopped just long enough at Zurich station to take a picture of the incredible giants team huddle, followed by much relief at the news that Chris's long drive from Sheffield with the FURD inflatable Streetkick made it in time for tonight's first event.

Strangely the game is being blown up to provide a backdrop for a performance by a Brazilian samba band, with our first Innsbruck Streetkick matches beginning tomorrow in front of the former Royal Palace.

At least the game should look the part following it's spring clean last week with the help of Streetforce, and some lovely new banners specially made for the Euros.
Bobby with new Portugese friends (Click for full size pop-up)
FURD's Bobby Shaheen (right) making friends in Geneva
dutch (Click for full size pop-up)
FURD 'v' volunteer Ahmed Mohammed in Geneva
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