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FURD Euro 2008 campaign under way after damp start

The FURD Streetkick team finally got their Euro 2008 campaign up and running after two days of steady rain threatened to dampen spirits in Geneva. The rain stopped just in time for the opening games between rival Turkish and Portuguese fans in the Place du Rhone, alongside Lake Geneva, and the FARE stall and new exhibition proved to be very popular with supporters and local Genevois.

Watch out for more pics of our team's Euro adventure.

Meanwhile in the Austrian city of Klagenfeld on 8th June, police made 157 arrests before, during and after the Germany v Poland match. Many of the arrests were of German fans chanting Nazi slogans. See the FARE website for more information.
Read FURD's Euro 2008 blog and watch a video of Streetkick on the Sheffield Star website below.
Streetkick in Geneva
Streetkick in Geneva
The FURD team in sunny Geneva!
The FURD team in sunny Geneva!

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