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FURD work spreads to DR Congo

Football Unites Community Coach Desbon Bushiri Rubamba has returned from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where he's been to set up the Football Inter-Communautaire (FIC) project (Football Between Communities).  Desbon worked with contacts in the Sud Kivu area,  a  region that has experienced terrible suffering from the effects of civil war and ethnic and tribal conflict.  More than 50% of young people between the ages of 6-20 years old are orphans from war, conflict and diseases such as HIV and Malaria. The project, funded by FIFA, put on a programme of activities to bring together children from different backgrounds and help them express aspirations for peace, tolerance and reconciliation, building solidarity, links and understanding amongst different communities through sporting activities.


Children in DR Congo
An inter-school football match in Baraka, DR Congo
FIC Project in action, DR Congo
Using bicycle tyres as hula hoops at FIC activity day, Baraka, DR Congo
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