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Albert Johanneson

A teacher recommended Albert Johanneson to Leeds United after seeing him play for Germiston Coloured School and Germiston Colliers in his native South Africa. Signed on a three-month trial during 1961, Johanneson soon made his debut in the Leeds first team. He played one game with fellow Black South African winger Gerry Francis for the Elland Road side. His bewitching skills at outside-left caused havoc in Second Division defences. Joint top scorer as Leeds won the Second Division Championship in 1964, he continued to mesmerise his defensive opponents in the First Division. A target for racial abuse, Albert Johanneson's confidence was sometimes undermined by the jibes of his opponents. After exactly 200 appearances, Johanneson joined York City in 1970.

Despite his achievements on the pitch, some thirty years later Albert Johanneson died a forgotten man in his Leeds high-rise flat in September 1995.

Albert Johanneson
South African Albert Johanneson played for Leeds United in the 60s.

"Albert was quite a brave man to actually go on the pitch in the first place, wasn't he? And he went out and did it. He had a lot of skill. A nice man as well�which is, I suppose, the more important thing, isn't it? More important than anything."
George Best.

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