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Playing women's football

FURD girls football
One of FURD's female football coaching sessions

There are over 150,000 women and girls playing in affiliated league and cup competitions in England, according to the FA website's women's football section. Find out which 11-a-side teams exist in your area for your age group on the Football Association's Find a Club webpage. Most of these will provide coaching and fitness training as well as match experience.


More information may be available from your local County Football Association. Contact details for all county FAs can be found at the Football Association website.


For something a bit more informal, try contacting your local sports centres – some of them run women’s 5-a-side leagues. Or if you want something even less formal, ask if any of them have pitches which are hired out by groups of women – you may be able to join them for a regular friendly game, or get together with some friends and book a pitch yourself! If you're in the Sheffield area, why not join our women and girls' coaching sessions at an indoor venue on Sundays? Contact us for more information.

Progression Opportunities

Talented players aged 10-16 may be able to join one of the 52 Centres for Excellence, many attached to men’s professional clubs, and get 90 minutes of coaching a week, as well as national competition. More information about these is provided at the FA website.

Over 16s may be able to join a Women’s Football Academy, based at a number of further education and higher education colleges around the country, and combine football with academic qualifications.

There is also a FA National Player Development Centre at Loughborough University. The centre offers a football scholarship for talented players with the potential to become internationals.


Further information

The Football Unites library has a section dedicated to women and sport. Search our online catalogue on the Resources page by selecting ‘Women’ from the list of keywords. 


A work based inquiry to critically appraise 'Football Unites, Racism Divides' engagement of black females in amateur football within Sheffield
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