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The History of Black Footballers Exhibition (Click for full size pop-up)
The History of Black Footballers Exhibition


Football Unites has four exhibitions which can be hired by organisations like schools, football clubs, museums and libraries. They�re free to hire, apart from delivery and collection costs. Contact us for more information about booking the exhibitions. Details of three of them are below. For details of the fourth, 'Offside: the History of South African Footballers in Britain', see

History of Black Footballers Exhibition

This tells the story of black and Asian players contribution to football in Britain from the beginning of the professional game in the late 19th century to the present time. It consists of 8 laminated posters, each one 104cm by 69cm, which can be attached to a wall using blu-tak, or to a display board using Velcro.

Pioneers, Past Masters and Future Challenges

This consists of 12 brightly coloured laminated posters, each A2 size (42cm x 59.4cm), and is suitable as an educational tool for libraries, schools, community and youth groups and workplace spaces. The exhibition was produced by Kick it Out and charts and celebrates the progression and achievements of black and Asian players in the game while exploring issues of equality and diversity facing the game today. Panels include Women's Football and Faith and Football. An accompanying education pack with ideas for activities can be downloaded from Un-laminated copies of the exhibition can also be bought from Kick It Out for 50.

Arthur Wharton

This exhibition about the worlds first black professional footballer and world record-breaking sprinter was created by Doncaster Museums. It consists of 7 laminated posters, again approximately 104cm x 69cm. Wharton lived in South Yorkshire and worked as a pub landlord and a miner as well as being a remarkable sportsman. The exhibition combines black history, local history and social history.

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