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Lions, Black Skins and Reggae Gyals
Race, Nation and identity in Football
A short paper drawn from a book published by Berg entitled "The changing face of football: Race, identity and multiculture in English Soccer." This paper covers: 1. Love and Hate in South East London - May 2nd 1998, The New Den 2. ‘Wearing the Shirt’: Racism, Locality and Masculinity 3. ‘Ain’t no black in the Union Jack’: England and the politics of race and nation. 4. ‘Reggae Boyz & Reggae Gyals’: Blackness, Diaspora and the Jamaican National Team 5. "Noir, blanc et bleu?": France 98, Nationalism and the return of Roland Barthes
Back, Les; Crabbe, Tim; Solomos, John Goldsmiths College, London 1 January 1998,10595,620684,00.html
(Lions, Black Skins and Reggae Gyals) Click to view/downloadLions, Black Skins and Reggae Gyals
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