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A Club in the Community
Using Football as an Educational Tool

The focus of this article is on the educational initiative, Playing for Success, which operates at Leeds United Football Club amongst others. Initially, some background details about the location and social composition of the area around the Leeds United stadium are provided. Both the city's thriving image, and some of the social difficulties faced by members of the local community are examined. In particular, a number of the problems evident within the city's education service are highlighted. The efforts being made by members of the community department at LUFC to help resolve some of these problems are then detailed. Amongst the issues discussed in this section are: the facilities and staff provided at the Leeds United Study Support Centre, the way Playing for Success operates, the aims underpinning the scheme, the results achieved by pupils on the scheme, and examples of pupil and parent feedback. Finally, a number of additional projects supported by the Leeds United Study Support Centre are noted.

This paper forms part of the Singer and Friedlander Review of the 1999-2000 season, produced in association with the Centre for Research into Sport and Society at the University of Leicester. The Centre has now closed.

Smith, Steve University of Leicester 15 April 2002

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