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Antiracism in Football
Has the Bubble Burst?
When we began studying racism in football a decade or so ago, we were struck by 2 aspects that made the British experience particularly interesting. First, unlike some other European nations at that time, the British situation was marked by a developing programme of antiracist activity surrounding the game, and second, unlike some other aspects of British society, football seemed to be an arena in which confronting racism appeared particularly fruitful. The invitation to write this piece provides an opportunity to reflect on the recent history of racism and antiracism within the sport and to begin to outline an agenda for future developments. The central thrust of the piece will be to consider whether the distinctive 'cutting edge' nature of antiracism within football, so apparent 10 years ago, has become blunted. In other words, what has the antiracist agenda achieved?
Garland, Jon; Rowe, Michael Scarman Centre, University of Leicester 7 December 2001

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