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A Century Apart?
A booklet aimed at children telling the stories, in verse, with footnotes, of Arthur Wharton and Paul Elliott. It is illustrated by Ted Smith-Orr. Through these stories of two black footballers playing in England 100 years apart, the booklet aims to offer the reader an insight into the black contribution to football, the obstacles the players had to overcome, and over a century of black people's experience of living in Britain. User feedback: "We loved the poetry and illustrations in this book. Many children were inspired to write their own poems and verses about Arthur Wharton". (Primary school teacher).
Daniel, Peter Creative Energy 2007
Booklet 0953429652 FOOT137a-c
Amazing Arthur! Picture Book, A True Story About the Amazing Arthur Wharton
Full colour booklet looking at the life of Arthur Wharton, the world's first black professional footballer. It was designed with families and young people in mind. It was produced as a joint project between Doncaster Museum Service and Rotherham Local Studies and Archives section. It can be used in conjunction with Arthur Wharton Doncaster Museum Loans Boxes (available from the Museum, not from FURD) User feedback: "We loved the presentation methods used in this book and will use the ideas when we present the work done by the children" (Primary school teacher).
Doncaster Museum Service; Rotherham Local Studies Doncaster Museum Service; Rotherham Local Studies 2004
Booklet YOUNG40
Arthur Wharton
Audio cassette recording of a feature on Arthur Wharton on Radio 4 on 27th November 1997
BBC Radio 4 1997
Audio cassette FOOT27
Arthur Wharton; Let's Kick Racism
Audio cassette recording of radio features: Side A: Arthur Wharton on BBC World Service programme 'Outlook'; Side B:Let's Kick Racism - BBC Radio 5
BBC Radio 1997
Audio cassette FOOT28
Arthur Wharton; Ooh Ah Showab Khan
Audio cassette recording of radio features on BBC Radio Sheffield, 25/11/97: Phil Vasili talking about the Arthur Wharton film, and 'Ooh Ah Showab Khan' play at Myrtle Springs School
BBC Radio Sheffield 1997
Audio cassette FOOT29
Black Flash, A Century of Black Footballers
Uses interviews and archive footage to illustrate how much progress has been made in British football by black players, and at what cost. Shown on BBC4 on Sunday 21/10/03, as part of BBC4's season of football films and documentaries. Running time 85 minutes. Players featured include, in this order, Arthur Wharton, Walter Tull, Lloyd 'Lindy' Delapenha, Charlie Williams, Albert Johanneson, Ces Podd, Mike Trebilcock, Eusebio, Clyde Best, Luther Blissett, Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunniingham, Regis again, Brendon Batson, Cunningham again, Justin Fashanu, Viv Anderson, John Fashanu, John Barnes, Mark Walters, Paul Elliott, Ian Wright.
BBC4 2003
Video FOOT102
Black Pearls, The A-Z of Black Footballers in the English Game
A guide to nearly 300 Black footballers playing in England at the time of the book's publication (1999) with illustrations, statistics and brief career histories. Also paragraphs about the 'pioneers' eg Arthur Wharton and Walter Tull.
Hamilton, Al; Hinds, Rodney (eds) Hansib 1999
Book 1870518713 PERS38
Colossus, The True Story of William Foulke
The story of William 'Fatty' Foulke, the 24-stone goalkeeper who played for Sheffield United, Chelsea, Bradford City and England in the late 19th and early 20th century and kept Arthur Wharton out of the Sheffield United team.
Phythian, Graham Tempus 2005
Book 0752432745 BALL18
Compilation Tape no. 2, Arthur Wharton book launch; The New Football Communities
1.Video recording of news item shown on Calendar News on Yorkshire Television, about the launch of the book 'The First Black Footballer: Arthur Wharton' at Bramall Lane on 5th October 1998. Running time approx 2 minutes 2. BBC News: Report on ‘The New Football Communities’ survey by Steve Bradbury. Includes footage from FURD’s annual report launch at Bramall Lane, including Andy Kiwomye, the History of Black Footballers Exhibition and ball-juggling display by FURD Millennium Volunteers, 17.8.01, 3 minutes. 3. BBC Look North: Similar report to the above, 17.8.01, 3 minutes. 4. BBC 6 0'clock news: Feature on UEFA Conference on racism at Chelsea, includes brief footage of a FURD coaching session at SUFC Academy. BBC1, 5/3/03.
Calendar News, Yorkshire TV; Look North, BBC 1998
Video FOOT33
Cultural Bond, The, Sport, Empire, Society
The role of sport in the transmission of British imperial values in the colonies. Includes a chapter about Arthur Wharton by Ray Jenkins
Mangan, J.A. (ed) Frank Cass 1992
Book 0714633984 INTER3A-3B
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