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Football Unites maintain an unique resource and information library on racism in football.  The library is located in our Sheffield offices.  People can borrow items either through a personal visit or the inter-library loan scheme.

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Author Publisher Year
Format ISBN Catalogue Code
First Black Footballer: Arthur Wharton 1865-1930, An Absence of Memory
The story of Arthur Wharton, Ghanaian born professional footballer and sprinter, who ended up working in the mines of South Yorkshire and died in poverty.
Vasili, Phil Frank Cass 1998
Book 0714649031 PERS15A-15E
Football Unites, Racism Divides, Compilation tape
Compilation video tape of television coverage of Football Unites, Racism Divides-related stories. Contains: 1. BBC1, Look North, May 1996: feature about Arthur Wharton, 2m 30seconds. 2. BBC2, Black Britain, c. 1997: Shaka Hislop telling Arthur Wharton's story, 5 m 40 seconds 3. BBC2, Black Britain, May 1997: v. brief update on on the Wharton story - film of the unveiling of the headstone, 1m 50. 4: BBC1, Look North, 1996-7: the 'Sheffield Divided or United?' report, 4m 40 sec. 5. Channel 4, 'First Edition': feature on Asians in football, inc footage and interviews with people FURD works with, 18 minutes. This is also on the video with 'Great Britain United' at FOOT15.
Video FOOT25
Looking Back to Arthur
30-minute recording of a BBC Radio 4 programme about Arthur Wharton, broadcast on 4th December 1998
BBC Radio 4 1998
Audio cassette FOOT34
Remember Me, Achievements of Mixed Race People Past and Present
Book contains 30 biographies of mixed-race figures from past and present. Includes footballers Arthur Wharton and WalterTull, as well as Bob Marley, Oona King, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and many more.
Hoyles, Martin and Asher Hansib 1999
Book 1870518624 RACE122
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