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The resources & information library

Football Unites, Racism Divides maintains a Resources and Information Centre based at our office in Sheffield. Materials are open to everyone for reference, or possible loan. The library contains books, DVDs, videos, exhibitions, CDs, teaching packs, fanzines, posters, press cuttings and magazines.  Whenever possible, we also stock quantities of free anti-racist posters, stickers, magazines and newsletters for distribution.

Subjects covered

  • Racism in football and other sports.
  • Race, racism and anti-racism in general.
  • Ideas and tools for challenging racism.
  • Youth and community work.
  • Black and ethnic minority history.
  • Refugees and asylum-seekers.
  • Women in sport.
  • Sexism and homophobia in sport.
  • Fiction and non-fiction for children and adults.
  • Football fan culture and hooliganism.
  • Feature films on video and DVD.
  • Biographies and autobiographies.
  • Football coaching.
  • Sport around the world.

Librarian assistance

Need information about any of the listed subjects?  Unable to visit our Centre in person?

First, check this website for information – particularly our Online Resources page, and any links to other websites.  Look through our Resources & information section, which contains information on Pioneering black footballers, Black history in the UK, Refugees & asylum seekers, racism in football and women's football.  We also have a FAQ which features some statistics and answers to common queries.  Also, consider discussing your research with other users of the website in our Academic discussion forum.

If you still can not find the information that you require, then write, phone or email your enquiry to the Football Unites librarian, being as specific as possible about what you need to know, and we’ll try to help.

Search the resource library

Although our resource library is physically located in our Sheffield office, you can search its index online.

Search the resource library


Borrowing resources

Once you've found the item you need, there are a variety of ways inwhich you can borrow it

How to borrow items
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