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FURD Site relaunched.

After a long delay and a much needed overhaul, the new Football Unites website has been relaunched. The old site has attracted tens-of-thousands of visitors since its launch way back in mid 1998. However, its design was beginning to show its age and it was becoming more and more creeky as some graphics became missing and some links failed.

The new site contains most of the existing stuff, plus some exciting new features:

The resource library can now be searched

The news section is better organised

Links to external sites have been catergorised and split into several separate pages

The message board is back, and this time there are separate areas to discuss different issues

There´s an interactive survey on the front page, so you can vote on topical issues of the day

For fun, a wordsearch of pioneering black footballers

A guestbook, to leave your comments about the project and this website

Although the new site is now live, there is still much to do. New features will be constantly added and the remaining content off the old site will be ported over. So, watch this space!

If you would like to leave a comment about Football Unites or this website, please visit the Guestbook.

Latest News

Tournament success for members of our Belonging group
Members of our Belonging group for refugees and asylum-seekers, representing Assist Sheffield, were victorious in a 5-a-side tournament at the U-Mix Centre on Saturday 14th October....
18 October 2017 view this news article in full
Exhibitions and resources for Black History Month and beyond
FURD has several exhibitions suitable for Black History Month activities available for hire. The first four listed below were written and produced by FURD; the second four were produced by other organisations....
11 October 2017 view this news article in full
International Football3 Festival
FURD's Talent Match coach Saudat Adinani was recently selected to represent FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) as a young leader at the International Football3 Festival in Cologne (Koln) on 14th -18th September 2017....
4 October 2017 view this news article in full
Everyone a winner at the All Nations Football Festival
We held our annual All Nations Football Festival on Saturday 30th September at the U-Mix Centre, designed to promote the inclusion of refugees and asylum-seekers in football. The event went well with ten teams taking part....
3 October 2017 view this news article in full
Charity fundraiser for Rohingya on Sunday 24th September
This Sunday, 24th September, we're hosting a fundraising event at the U-Mix Centre organised by the i-Aspire Foundation to raise funds for the Rohingya people....
19 September 2017 view this news article in full

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