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Positive futures group at the academy

Positive Futures

Positive Futures is a national sports-based social inclusion programme funded by the Home Office (Drug Strategy Directorate), and managed by ‘Crime Concern’ from April 2006.  The scheme was launched in March 2000, and currently there are well over 100 local partnership projects operating throughout the country. 

Positive Futures is a ‘relationship strategy’, which uses sport and other activities to build relationships with young people who are at risk of being ‘socially marginalised’. 

The scheme works with young people 10 – 19 years old – particularly those that could be at risk of drug use/misuse and crime.  This ‘risk’ could include having friends and/or people close to you who take drugs, or being in an environment where drugs are common e.g. home, school, the area where you live, etc.

The programme aims to use sport and other activities as a ‘hook’ to get young people involved.  It then seeks to eventually ‘move’ young people beyond just participating in these activities, by creating an environment where they are able to develop in personal, social and intellectual ways.

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