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Glad to send Greetings to FURD; another reason to be proud of multiracial Sheffield. With best wishes from the World’s no.1 forum for left wing Torquay United fans in Sheffield.
Sheffield Gulls 9 October 2013
you have my heartfelt approval and I admire greatly your efforts to inculcate an attitude of equality and respect at the grassroots level of football,which in turn will be reflected throughout the community.
Dean 25 September 2013
You may want to Google "MCFC Sierra Leone" and read about our supporters work with Man City fans in West Africa.
Tony Griffiths 18 June 2013
Today (monday 22nd April) marks twenty years since the murder of Stephen Lawrence. I truly feel we are in a better place now than we were then, but there is still much hatred and ignorance in our society. There is still much stereotyping that means (God forbid) should such a murder occured again, it would still be assumed to be gang related because young black men are still labelled. Thanks to the work of groups such as FURD education is taking place, but we must never be complacent. Islamaphobia is amongst the new problems, and can cause divisions in our communities. Support of the work FURD does can go a long way to combatting any such divisions. Huge respect to FURD.
Kev 21 April 2013
Hi everyone - was just having a nose about the old haunts on t’interweb....and what should I find, but that the U-Mix Centre has sprung from a dream to being a reality...and that FURD is running it on behalf of Sheffield City Council! Well done, and it looks gorgeous too - what a fantastic facility. Keep up the good work, and I’m really proud to have worked with you all those years ago. Kev is right - FURD never fails to leave you feeling positive - even from up here in West Yorkshire where experiencing ignorant racist views/language are my daily norm - I think I can feel your positive vibe!xxx
Georgia Bright 4 April 2013
Huge respect to FURD and U-Mix for the opportunities offered to Refugees and Asylum seekers. At a time when the Far Right is demonising those in need of our welcome, and when in general as a society we seek to aportion blame for our own struggles with austerity, it’s reassuring to know that we can still offer the hand of help to those worse off than ourselves.
Kev 6 March 2013
All the very best to all at FURD for the New Year. And here’s to another year of great work.
Sharralad 1 January 2013
can you please organise some regular circuit and fitness training for some of us older, overweight has been local football players?
Billywizz 24 November 2012
The appreciation shown by such a wide variety of guests at the premier of the film of Arthur Whartons life on Sunday evening, was yet another example of the amazing work FURD does. The appreciation was not just for the film itself, though that is a fantastic piece of documentation that is both interesting and educational, but for the way the project has used the story of this remarkable man to empower young people and to bring out in them talents and attributes to help them as individuals. I know it’s what this wonderful project is all about, but FURD never fails to leave you feeling so positive. Especially at a time when the negativity of racism has been much to the fore.
Kev 30 October 2012
the way we take our glorious game for granted was seen twice last night. The idiot who attacked Wedsdays keeper, and the FURD showing of the amazing film Zanzibar Soccer Queens. I’d recommend it to anyone with a love for the game. Humbling, inspiring and an education. It can be borrowed from FURDS resource centre. WELL worth it.
Sharralad 20 October 2012
Great to see that FURD are keeping Arthur Whartons memory alive with the placing of the memorial brick in the Edlington pit village. Keep up the good work.
Sharralad 28 September 2012
Viele Grüsse aus Hildesheim sendet der 1. JFC AEB. Viel Erfolg für die neue Saison!
1. JFC AEB Hildesheim 4 August 2012
Good luck guys on your trip to the Euros. Best wishes, take care and keep up the great work.
Kev 5 June 2012
I’m writing a essay on how the NFL and other football leagues help fight racism and bullying, I found your website very helpful and am citing you in my research paper! Thank you for your help and your great organization!
Carly Carver 3 May 2012
Great organisation, great people to work with well-done for everything you have done in Sheffield and particularly Sharrow area. I hope somewhere the system recognise your hard work and provide sustainable funding to keep you float.
Ahmed Shakir 26 April 2012
Congratulations to Kyle Walker on his PFA Young Player of the Year award. And of course, congratulations to FURD for being there as a project for the young Kyle to begin his climb on the ladder to success. (Feels so good that he began his journey in the old wooden Streetkick.)Hard work has led to thoroughly deserved success’s for both parties. Keep up the great work FURD. There are more Kyles amongst our young. Young people who’s potential can be realised, whatever their field of interest, with the right support.
Sharralad! 23 April 2012
Sad to say but your work is needed more now than ever before. I for one fully support the campaign, continued best wishes for 2012 and beyond. Peter
Peter Hall 8 January 2012
All the very best wishes to all at Football Unites for 2012. Hope it’s a great year for yourselves and your families, and also as in previous years, in terms of all the work you do. Yours in support Kev
Kevin Titterton 1 January 2012
I’ve seen videos of rasicism and people shouldn’t be treated like that they should be treated equally, i would love to support but i just have a lot of work to do. I am a 13 year old Girl learning about Europe and its violent and how it is still today. Even though I am young I would be glad to help out alot sometimes. But for now I got to study and make sure no more Rasicism appear anymore, it doesn’t matter what color you are or how your a different beliefs. All that matter is if we treat each other right, respectfully, and care for on another no matter what. I think rasicism should stop a.s.a.p.
Kitty 7 October 2011
The ’Youth to Youth Workers’ news heading is so refreshing to see after the last week or so, when all young people in our communities seem to have, sadly, been demonised by the media. Once again it shows the power of this amazing project and thee contribution of those young people within it. What a pity that the National Media never seem interested in making their headlines from the results of the incredible dedication of projects such as FURD, and from the hard work and resourcefulness of the youth of our communities. Hats off again to those young people of Sharrow and their attainments. Proud to know yer all! Kev.
Sharrowlad Kev 20 August 2011
i fink black pple are just like white pple because they have the same feuturs (exept skin colour) thet eat the same, drink the same, and have the right to be on the plannet and where ever they wont to be !
logan hewitt 7 July 2011
The Young Peoples Awards the other night were incredibly uplifting. Not only in so much as it showcasing the level of committment, dedication and hard work of those young people who have earned their acolades. Nor just in highlighting the terrific work that the project as a whole does. But also in emphasising how important such a project, such work and such young local talent is in both making our communities better, and in the personal development of young people. I would encourage anyone, youth or adult, to support Furd, and its many branches such as the Soundkickers project, wether it be through volunteering or funding. The impending cuts and difficulties in acquiring funding to such work, and such results as were in evidence the other night, feels such a travesty, but the spirit of the evening and its participants means the fight for such works to continue is an evermore important one. Best wishes and congratulations to all the young people of Furd and a huge sincere thanks to the staff whose dedication to the lives and futures of the youth of our fine city, makes me proud to be a trustee of this amazing organisation. Kev.
Sharrowlad Kev 2 May 2011
LUIS SALAZAR 28 February 2011
Great job and fool support by Bulgarian football fans !
Zhivko ,Bulgaria 17 February 2011
I want to congratulate all happy New Year and wish you good luck!
grideryano 21 December 2010
We can change the world only by changesourselves first. This initiative serves as constant reminder that people out there re doin something and not just talking about it. Thank you for the meaningful work
theresa meyers 23 November 2010
proud parent of one of the lads who plays for this project keep up the good work lads your efforts are all woth while to make racism a thing of the past
bob rodda 14 September 2010
Cool, there is actually some good points on here some of my readers will maybe find this relevant, will send a link, many thanks.
cornell university college 15 August 2010
Best of luck, football does unite.
Jim McLean 7 July 2010
Lets hope that the work you are doing will help keep racism out of football.
J Hoyte -Smith 15 June 2010
pity racism is still a topic of conversation in 2010 my team everton has been labelled a "racist club" for years mainly i think because of the famous pics of john barnes at goodison but gotta say we love anyone playing in blue and giving his all for the team! terracetalk.freeforums
arlarse 30 May 2010
Thank you for the wealth of information your site gives. I am doing my dissertation on the progression of black footballers to managerial levels and your ste has really helped me. Thank you once again.
Rachel 20 April 2010
I am a coach living in the United States, and I want to know what chapters you have of your organization over here. Racism, segregation, or any form of separation has no place in the World’s favorite game!!!
Matthew Harris 21 January 2010
This is a battle that will never end until people remember and take to heart the words of the great Robert Sobukwe: There is only one race to which we all belong, and that is the human race. In our vocabulary therefore, the word ’race’ as applied to man, has no plural form!
Virgil C 5 November 2009
Ou-yo-yu what a nice site!. Have Happy Halloween!
halloween san francisco 14 October 2009
Great resources - I will be using some in the classroom. Cheers!
Mike 2 September 2009
Great site, very informative. Keep up the good work. Racism has no place in football. Marching on together!
Deebo 2 September 2009
Football forever!
Dunvallo 1 September 2009
Sorry to hear the tragic events that unfolded the past week, me and the family send all our condolences to all that was caught up in this tragedy, cant wait 2c all u guys in december..
Ray Bouwer 19 July 2009
as one of the parents of a son who did not go to italy our thoughts are with Armed’s family and all the boys who did go god bless they are all talented footballers and it is good to see all the different religions and nationalities just come together and play football we are heartbroken at such a tragic accident
Anon. 15 July 2009
We were so sorry to hear about the tragic accident that ended the happy mondiali tour. On behalf of all the women in the F_in group our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to the families and you. nicole
Nicole - F_in 15 July 2009
feeling really sorry about what happened to your team on your way home from the mondiali-although the paths of our teams didn’t cross there,it ist still making me sad... keep the spirit,best wishes from vienna
batschi,friedhofstribüne 15 July 2009
On Sunday I was playing against the FURD team in a friendly game at the Mondiali. I loved their youth and enthusiasm. My thoughts, friendship and any solidarity I can offer is with you at this time. Tonight I am playing in Hebden Bridge and we will have a thoughtful silence of remembrance for a lost friend from Mondiali Antirazissti.
Chris Green White Ribbon Campaign 15 July 2009
Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear of the terrible accident and the tragic loss of one of your young volunteers. I was very impressed to see them at work on Devonshire Green recently when I was on a Love Music Hate Racism stall. Also as a close friend of the late Tom Collins, it was great to see so many of you at his funeral. I know he would have been heartbroken at your news. Best wishes
Julia A 14 July 2009
Just wanted to say how sorry i am to hear your news, only a few days ago we played you guys at the Mondiali, it was a fantastic experienced but i am gutted such a great tour ended like this. The whole team were great young guys and their footballing skills were something else! I can say on behalf of Republica and myself our thoughts and condolences are with you all at this sad time Sally
Sally - Republica Internationale 14 July 2009
Keep out racism from the terraces... Panathinaikos AC 1908-GATE 13 1966
Alvarez 13 June 2009
The beautiful game should be just that!
Nick C DiSciscio 2 June 2009
great game sharrow united shame the legends legs went.good luck for next season. pity about the rain it spoiled it for the kids football tournament and they were soooooooooo dissappointed but i have been told they will organise something for them soon
blade 17 May 2009
I’ve seen racism first hand at Saprissa Stadium in Costa Rica. Hope this website gets it’s message across!
Robert 2 April 2009
Choosing to be racist to someone because of the colour of their skin is horrible,those people who are doing it wouldn’t like to be bullied so STOP IT!
Mike 22 February 2009
Great site, great message. I hope you get more exposure leading up to the World Cup.
Bob 20 February 2009
rrow broomhall and the flats all the kids enjoy the training sessions and there has been no vandalism on the pitch its great keith keep it up
blade 1 February 2009
What an interesting site, I visited initially to read more about Walter Tull. I was slightly surprised by the comments about Glasgow Rangers being a ’Staunchly protestant club’, which of course they were/are but I am not sure why this would make their proposed signing of Walter Tull noteworthy. Many years later I witnessed another Rangers player, Mark Walters, being pelted with bananas at Parkhead (Celtic) and Tynecastle (Hearts). Thankfully Mark rose above the abuse and silenced them with his skills.
IanG 10 November 2008
i think it is a wonderful thing you set up here with this site its a great thing you’ve got going. well done. keept it up!
zen 17 October 2008
I find this information very helpful to our soccer community. I look forwaard to more insightful information to sure with my audience.
Dr. John Thomas 13 October 2008
there is no point in raiseisam like it’s just pure shan
bradly wallace 10 October 2008
...It is the one sport in the world that unites people together from all background ,races and walks of life.Congratulations on a wonderfull idea, This is a great site, and for an excellent cause. Great job!!!
andy 4 September 2008
Definately need more people doing work like this 22 June 2008
Great to see the pictures of our adventure! You all make a wonderful work! Love!
Laurence 16 June 2008
i think that the idiots who have to say the racist things should not be allowed be banned as there are children that go to these matches and why should they have to listen to these foul; mouthed idiots, maybe the idiots should stop and look at themselves and start to learn about the different cultures and they might learn something.
kaana 2 June 2008
Hello, I tried to contact Howard Holmes, via the above e-mail address & no response. If you don’t support the Blades - you don’t count? I hope that is the case. As an Anti-racist Activist & Youth Worker, in South of Sheffield in 1986-1990, the impact of the March against Racist Attack on February 11th 1989 from Sharrow to Burngreave left its mark in Sharrow.
Matloub Husayn Ali Khan 8 May 2008
z7beIJ Hello! I’m Samuel Smith, i’m from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Samuel 6 May 2008
i think that this is a great organisation and i really like getting coached by lewis silva and debon because they have great knowledge on the football game...i luv u!!!
yasar 6 May 2008
i’m an african american living in england ,i teach school in the portsmouth area. every year for the past 3 years i have taken youth from portsmouth 16-19 to america to play against american high schools this years trip dates are the 20-28 of august,very interested in your campaign would love to get involved,
jim roberson 30 April 2008
Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity, and wish to assit as far as possible.
DamionKutaeff 22 March 2008
Just wanted to say Hello to everyone. Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !
Sensbachtal 17 March 2008
racism just shouldnt be allowed it is sick and wrong and hurts a lot of peoplex
emma 15 February 2008
I belive this is one of the best ways of fighting racism...It is the one sport in the world that unites people together from all background ,races and walks of life.Congratulations on a wonderfull idea.
Ohlori 30 January 2008
i think this is a very good sight about racism and it should go out to all kids and people
nichole 29 January 2008
I was recently at an anti Irish racism demo in Kirkiniloch,Scotland, all other anti racism groups where contacted by letter and asked if they would like to take part. NOT ONE person from any groups attended. It shows us once again that irish racism in Scotland is totally acceptable in many peoples eyes even those who claim to be against ALL racism. THANKS FOR NOTHING.
Paul Croall 13 January 2008
Hallo.! Gutes Neues Jahr 2008.!
AngelaBridget 12 January 2008
I love football and racism is no good. 18 December 2007
hey raceisam is **** bad
Donna 19 November 2007
Fantastic cause,We ARE A SUNDAY league football team,i will link your site to ours. Racism has to be stamped out from grassroots to the very top.
Will 9 November 2007
Anon. 8 November 2007
Great site, fantastic cause. Cheers and UTB.
Benski One 24 October 2007
Fantastic site, and please keep up the good work, it’s so important to the game. Love to see some merchandise to promote your message.
Dennis McCarthy 16 October 2007
This is a great site, and for an excellent cause. Great job!!!
Mike Oxlong 17 September 2007
good site certainly could do with promoting this message more 27 August 2007
Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)
Ted 18 August 2007
I am terminnally ill and in my early 50’s and female. I have two daughters and a husband of 33 years. As a family we have never followed football although I have a brother who has followed football weekly (OK7/24) since the age of nine. It breaks my heart as a white person that this goes on in what I have always perceived as a drawring together of individuals who simply love football.
Tricia Free 26 July 2007
I was the first Afro American to play profesional football in the UK 1960-74 Now domiciled in Perth Western Australia. Came across the site researcing racism in sport policies for Indigenous Australians. Keep the ball rolling!!!
Steve Stacey 20 July 2007
What you guys do is so important. I say...don’t hate, participate (in football).
leonard 13 July 2007
Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Mary 28 June 2007
Love the positive message of this site!
Rocky 27 June 2007
Hi! Love this site!!
Krista 25 June 2007
From Mauritius. Beautiful page and excellent initiative. Bravo. Gilbert. Mauritius. Indian Ocean.
Gilbert BATHFIELD 22 June 2007
Great site, I totally agree. If you have more info, please contact me on
Affar Jupal 16 June 2007
Love this site. Some people need to get over the football thing. Go Aggies.
Mich 11 June 2007
Bill Nuss (Body & Collision Shop Manager) 18 Years Automotive Experience 5 Years with Neil Huffman Nissan With the recent media comment on Paul Ince and the lack of black players moving into management, my research for my new business venture PULSE has brought me to your site. I am setting up a contingency career planning service for professional players which incorporates counselling and mentoring amongst other services. However there is a clear message that many race barriers still need to be broken within this industry and systems put in place to address the issues that many of your guests are raising. Rather than go to the PFA, I’ve decided to do it off my own back at least that way I know I can say I’ve tried and regardless I am too suspect that they would take the idea as their own. BIG UP FURD and watch out for PULSE in the near future, I’ll aim to be working with you at some
Anon. 10 June 2007
Thanks for highlighting this issue!!!
Jack 4 June 2007
I agree, football is great.
Pat 3 June 2007
Thank you for this wonderful site))!!! I’m from Belarus & we have some problems with racists here too. But do we choose our friends according to the colour of their eyes or size of their shoes? Does it really matters who is black and who is white on the football field??? So why some of us cares about it while walking in the street? I hope racism will be left behind in all fields of modern life all over the world in the nearest future.
Mila 31 May 2007
This site is very nise and helpfull!
Eddie, Eddie 29 May 2007
Kick ass site!!
Seff 25 May 2007
hay! everyone at the hubb just fort id say hello havent seen or come to see any of you hope you are all alright lv laura xxx
laura green 25 May 2007
Love your site. Thanks!!
Jessica Hartly 24 May 2007
Racism is the worst that a human being can do.What is it they dont get racists people.Racists people are so stupid coz they know that racism is bad but they just wanna hurt other people.Tell you what if you are rasict you are worsting your time .Black or white we are people we have the same organs dont we .
Tsungie14 18 May 2007
Wonderful site. Keep up the great work!
Jack Wallop 15 May 2007
MUGU IGBO 7 May 2007
This could be a lot nicer i think.
Nicole 3 May 2007
Great site!
Stu Pedasol 3 May 2007
Hi You are The Best!!! Bye
Terabanitoss 3 May 2007
Well............ we both love football and we really want to play for England one day, We both play for Cobblers (Northanpton Town) which is county and we’re really good! Thanks, Zara and Alice x
zara and alice 15 April 2007
I really enjoyed this page. I will be linking and I will be trying to read and research all that there is to offer from this site!
Dianne, Dianne 14 April 2007
Very nice site!
John 27 March 2007
Hi I want to all of you know, World is mine, and yoursite good G’night
GramBorder 20 March 2007
Tackle racism now! All people regardless of their religion, race, sex or national origin have their place in sport.Kick violence and bigotry out of football. Football is the king of sports and racism has not place in this kingdom.
Eleni 20 March 2007
Excellent site. Very important.
Hosanna Alleluia 18 March 2007
Great Work keep it up
Harry, CCFC Kenilworth Supporters 18 March 2007
Hi Great work FURD,Knowledge is power and that is what your doing empowering the masses.
Daniel Usman 14 March 2007
hi great site great work thank you
Anon. 12 March 2007
All humans have a heart which beats, lungs to breath, eyes to see, colour is nothing but a thing of beauty, not a thing of hate or something to abuse. Respect and 1 love 2 all.
Shaz, Newport S.Wales 12 March 2007
STOP IT NOW!!! xxx love ya xxxx
Kelly+Yasmin 7 March 2007
Why do you think people started racism in the world ?
Renee 4 March 2007
Hi, Good work... Thanks
maricqowg, maricqowg 28 February 2007
Hello. Im really dissapointed to find that a racist element of supporters still exist at Elland Road.I’m a black lifelong Leeds United fan & took a friend the QPR draw on Wednesday night, only to sit in the south stand & have to listen to a few frustrated leeds fans using racist language against their own players.All of this because we were not winning! I didn’t report the incidents only because i could not see the offending culprits from where i was sitting, but i hope that someone nearby said something to them. I thought Leeds had taken great strides to rid the club of such ignorance over the past few years, but it now appears that a minority of the less knowledgable fans have gone back to their old ways. Im really sorry to have to write this piece, but the club needs to be aware that this still goes on. I only hope that its not a new culture at the club. They dont deserve to carry fans like these, they are worthy of much better. I actaully worked with the club as a coach in 1998 & at that time everyone won & lost together & all of the fans i met were top class. Lay off the black players & please concentrate on helping to get the boys off the foot of the table with your fantastic support. Without proper support the club may drop to the next tier & none of want that do we?
Rod Christopher (Leeds) 21 February 2007
I just wanted to congratulate you on your site-it’s fantastic! Let’s unite to kick the last remaining vestiges of ignonrance and prejudices off the terraces!
Chris (Birmingham City) 21 February 2007
A good site with loads of info.Using football as a platform to unity is fantastic.Keep it up.
HOWARD H (THE OTHER ONE) 19 February 2007
well when will the Kick Racism include the racism that stops asian footballer in britain
khany 16 February 2007
Excellent site! Keep up the good work.
DC 15 February 2007
ABA ASABA 11 February 2007
nice :) ;))
gestibar 11 February 2007
Very Good Site!!!
Bev 9 February 2007
Wonderful to see that people are uniting against racism. Football truly is the universal language and it is great to see it forming bonds and uniting people. Fantastic.
iona-baird 8 February 2007
You Have a great web site!!!! Thank you!
raketa15 8 February 2007
i think racisum is bad and we shpuld stop it coz people get by it like me and others.
leanne 7 February 2007
Good work everyone, without people like you nothing would get done. George C
George Christopher 6 February 2007
kl site!!!!! racsim should be stop!!!!!!!!
Alex 2 February 2007
i hate racism cant stand it i fink its sad that people talk bout peps in dat way it sickens me so much. Im white but i hang around with half casts and blacks and ther cool the only thin dat anoys me is dat if a black person calls a white pep bout his colour dat isnt counted as racism.
Andrew 2 February 2007
very interesting web site good job
George low 2 February 2007
good site
matthew green morris 1 February 2007
very good syt man its phat!!
rebecca_lallo 30 January 2007
Hi,I stumbled across your website as i was browsing! Its so funny, i used to work with Ces Podd! He mentored me for almost 2 years at Leeds United Community Office in 1997 & i still coach youngsters today.
Rod Christopher, Leeds 29 January 2007
nic site
maga mugu 29 January 2007
Thank you brothers ans sister for this topic,my name is Smith i am a full time Nigerian,i am proude of werei came from,and i love anyone who is a human bein irespective of colour,race,religion,so lets fight agains this Virus called...racism..Thank you
smith okel 27 January 2007
Hi cool site friends! , Hi cool site friends!
tom 26 January 2007
Great website exellent section on the old players!
Ross 23 January 2007
very good
Anon. 16 January 2007
Good site! Thanks. Kelner loh.
Jaxx 13 January 2007
Best regards from NY!
Cynthia 12 January 2007
With the recent media comment on Paul Ince and the lack of black players moving into management, my research for my new business venture PULSE has brought me to your site. I am setting up a contingency career planning service for professional players which incorporates counselling and mentoring amongst other services. However there is a clear message that many race barriers still need to be broken within this industry and systems put in place to address the issues that many of your guests are raising. Rather than go to the PFA, I’ve decided to do it off my own back at least that way I know I can say I’ve tried and regardless I am too suspect that they would take the idea as their own. BIG UP FURD and watch out for PULSE in the near future, I’ll aim to be working with you at some
Nigel Smith 11 January 2007
...’Go racists Go racists’ what’s the big deal there just speaking there mind so why should you be offended so I say ‘Go racists Go racists’...but then don’t blame us when you get tired, when nobody cares and your just talking to your self, and don’t blame us when you lose your breath, because then we’ll chant ’GO LOSERS GO LOSERS GO ON GET OUT ’this place is for a rainbow to set and not a dark cloud to overcome us! Peace out!
kafah 4 January 2007
Good work , but feel a lot of the top clubs such as my own Spurs have NOT done enought to celebrate or promote players such as WALTER TULL, what an achievement all those years ago, yet he NOT even mention in any of the books ever written on Spurs history or a mention. The forgotten man who wear the club colours, even has he been honoured by Northampton, it’s a dis-grace that they CHOSE to do NOTHING. Maybe an explaination might be at hand from Spurs. What can your organisation do and how could you influence such clubs to now come forward and give the acknowlegement to such great players of their past history.
Kevin Munroe. 30 December 2006
Seasons greetings to all at FURD. An incredible and diverse bunch who work so tirelessly to redress some of the inbalance that can make our society unjust and intolerant. The plaudits you gain and recognition you receive, both from the public through this guestbook, and in the form of reports and awards from more official channels, are more than thoroughly deserved. To anyone visiting this site who can spare the time to join furd and help in the good fight through voluntary work, I can recommend no finer thing for you to do this coming year. You will meet and work with terrific and friendly people, and although the project was born out of a need to address such serious issues, will have many laughs in doing so. My own involvement had to lapse for a time, but I am hoping and looking forward to getting involved again. Events and issues this past year have shown yet again that there is constantly more work to do, and although the furd successes give hope for harmony, the problems of racism and intolerance are not going to just go away. Whatever your race, faith or politics, all the very best for 2007.
Sharrowlad 25 December 2006
I am in the US, and I think this site is wonderful. We need something like this over here-it would be a start to ending the racism that is rampant here in the States. Thank you for the information and inspiration!
Tammy 20 December 2006
racism its a thing that needs to be stopped coz racism hurts,.STOP RACISM NOW
Tsungie 14 December 2006
Happy Christmas (or Season’s Greetings to those who don’t celebrate it) and all the best for 2007 from everyone at Aik Saath
Aik Saath 13 December 2006
I am writing in support of my friend Elliot Joseph who is an up-and-coming young British poet dedicated to the cause of kicking racism out of soccer. Elliot or ’Elljay’ works tirelessly in this cause by creating and reciting his perceptive and unique style of poetry and prose at various soccer events across the UK & Europe. If you get a chance please show your support by visiting his website: p i t c h p r o s e . o r g
James Ray 12 December 2006
Way to go, and keep it up! This site is awsome.
Conor Chinn 4 December 2006
this site has been very helpful and even though im only 10 i now understand
emma yeaman 24 November 2006
racism is very bad
emma 24 November 2006
Excellent site, very helpful, thank you for sharing, keep up the fine effort and excellent job.
Lee 19 October 2006
Nataleigh E16 18 October 2006
Totally support your aims and will be adding a link to the site from the Netley Abbey Tartan Army homepage Cheers & best of luck
Paul Allison 17 October 2006
woz hoping to find sum info and everything i was afta i found thanks a million.
fazza 12 October 2006
I have written a book on early Sheffield football, coming out next year to coincide with 150th anniversary of Sheffield FC. Your organisation gets a mention as do Arthur Wharton and Andrew Watson.
brendan 11 October 2006
i think racism is terrible it is recking the game people need to stop so lets all help and kick racism out of football
wayne skeldon 5 October 2006
we hate racism
birkenhead high skool ftp! 28 September 2006
tut tut!!!!! blak nd whites tgether 4evah
raz-conno-birkenhead 28 September 2006
WhoopWhoop 28 September 2006
hey..i am german and because i go to school in england ppl say that i am a little version of hitler even though i hate him...well there is nothing i can do but,just want to say peace and love is what the world needs..just felt like saying that...hahaha..bye
Sue 27 September 2006
Racism is a terrible thing.People should not be judged on their skin colour.I have just started doing my G.C.S.Es.We are learning about Jim Crow Laws,and the ku klux klan.I am horrified by what these people did.We should not live in a socitey that excepts racism.
Claire James 16 September 2006
Racism is a very bad thing.I suffered very much from racism and discrimination during 21 years of my life between age of 24 and 45.Honestly it was very hard but not enough for make me become a racist person.Because i always knew that those racist persons were the worst creatures of our univers.
ulug ozkan 11 September 2006
reporting from ireland, i am here as part of the team selected for the sari cup i also belive that this is fantisic experiance and oppertuntiy for the young people involvd with FURD, thanks guys
Ryan Higgins 8 September 2006
my views of racism are very strong, and anyone who is racist to me SHALLL be punished, but peace and equity is what the world needs, i jus felt as if i had to write sumthin here, BLess!
ben 4 September 2006
Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.
Plick 6 August 2006
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
Kenneth 24 July 2006
racism is wrong people are people whatever their colour.
j waller 15 July 2006
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
Christine 12 July 2006
We HATE racism ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Jemima and Conor 6 July 2006
Anon. 3 July 2006
Racism can destroy the heart, mind and soul of an individual. It cannot be tolerated.
Maria 2 July 2006
i think this a great idea,and racism is not,i hate it
musibau 27 June 2006
racism is load of bull ####
racism 27 June 2006
hello My name is John and i hate racism.
John 23 June 2006
Dude, stop the hating, it’s wrong, sooo wrong
Nathan 23 June 2006
this website is very helpful. it helped us with our re project.
bexi n lil kt 20 June 2006
racism is terrible and wrong it should be stopped
bianca 19 June 2006
Racism is a crime. We must think of a way to stop it. I hate it when some people turn into racists for no reason.
Tom Badger 17 June 2006
oh my goodness! i think racism is terrible! a very very terrible thing it is. i hate racism it is bad and hurts my feelings. i hope racism gos away. we ore too smart for rasicm. football unites and racism divides, and that is thre truth! rasicm sucks!
Cray 11 June 2006
i hate racism all people are the same and should be treated the same way.
jamie ford 7 June 2006
hi i like ur site it really hepls people who have been involed in racism xxx
jodie 6 June 2006
this site is so cool. it really helps people learn about racsim nd how bad it is
Zinzi 6 June 2006
Racism is bad
??? 6 June 2006
As Celtic fans, we welcome the stampdown on sectarian and rascist chants, and for our part willl not tolerate same from our members or anyone travelling to matches with our CSC. Added your site to our links pages. Hail, Hail: Respect!
The Jimmy Johnstone CSC 28 May 2006
I think racism is well BAD the people who do it are VERY ignorent
Ells Hanson 24 May 2006
i think racism is very very wrong and i love this website and i hope people who are racist see sence sooner or later because we are all human beings
chloe 24 May 2006
Racism it is horrible. Who ever is happy with it should be asmashed.
Richard Shallcross 19 May 2006
very good website, lovez it. Racism - flush it down the drain. We're all the same human beings.
Taylor 19 May 2006
yes fantastic ideas especailly people who want to set up a football team like me. keep the doing the goodwork thanks
faisal 9 May 2006
Love the new site. Racism stinks.
Azi 4 May 2006
racism is a horrible occurance in our beloved world racism in football should stop but especially in the world many deaths and wars can be started overe racist comments or countries, people are people at the end of the day! every one is special, does is say in any holy book in religion that racism is allowed? people that carry out racism are commiting a crime against themselves and there religion!
smallzy 28 April 2006
i run a u8s soccer team whitley juniors we raised 400 pound for a kit with lets kick it out logo printed on the front 6 7 8yr olds understand why racism is wrong we need to keep up the respect pass on our message,start at grass roots
lee thomas 28 April 2006
This Website is Doing A Great Job, Keep It Up, I really like the work you are doing. We need to work hard not just to make football better, but society as a whole
Ameer 27 April 2006
i hate racism we need to stop it im doing a speech on racism.
jon 27 April 2006
Racisum should be killed of once and for all. its wrong and the people that are racists are sick.
Billy Bucket 20 April 2006
There is a lack of asian footballers in the premiership and the racism appauls me. However i’m a very talented individual and i’m going to do wateva it takes to turn pro. I know that one team is going to take the risk and pick the asian guy so just remember this name, as i’m going to be the positive role model which the asian community is waiting for!!
Faz 3 April 2006
I think racism is just horrible. I’ve been studying about racism for a long time now and it is really bad. Sometimes people could get arrested for sitting in the wrong seat on a bus just because their black. It should stop, Whoever is dealing with something like this I’ll be thinking of you! I
Kirsty !!! 14 March 2006
JOSH 18 February 2006
GORGE BUSH 18 February 2006
emiz 7 February 2006
I am disturbed by the high percentage of those in your survey that say NO to racist chanters being ejected from football matches, that reflects an awful lot of people in a football crowd. Just go’s to show just how important the work is that FURD carries out - the figure should be 0%
Rob Broomfield 2 February 2006
just thought that alittle known fact about arthur wharton when he set his world record he did it on the london athletics club ground which later was renamed STAMFORD BRIDGE and the young goalkeeper he could not displace was later a goal keeper for chelsea at the bridge
bill 23 January 2006
lindsay 15 January 2006
OMGISH !! i hate rasicm soo much im doing a spech on it soo ya kool keep up the anti - racists comment xoxo
Lindsay 15 January 2006
i think this site is great and it has helped me. i am glad to see someone is trying to stop the racism in football it’s olny a game!
Glen 18 November 2005
Super. Really Helped. Tar
Bobby 21 October 2005
Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very informative site which really made me think, thanks very much!
17 October 2005
book suggestion: Race and the Rise of the Republican Party, 1848-1865, 3rd ed. Thank you. Jim
James D. Bilotta 3 October 2005
i hate racism it is very bad no one should be racist it is wrong safe to all those united fans manu ruleee
gaffar 29 September 2005
i think we need more of this stuff on the internet because then people will realise that being racist is not a good thing. SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
eddie 26 September 2005
i think racism is wrong and it should stop because it doesnt matter if ur black wite yellow green or red we r all the same and every1 should be given an equal start in life xxSTOP IT NOW ITS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXX
JODIE 21 September 2005
racists woulnt like it if someone done it to them would they.they need to get a grip
jodie 21 September 2005
racism should be stoppedc.its not there fault there a different colour or religion they didnt ask to be that way.racists need to get a grip man
jodie 21 September 2005
racism is shocking
sarah 21 September 2005
Racism is horrible i hate it
sarah 21 September 2005
Yo i appreciate you making this. Keep this up, its nice
Jenny 19 September 2005
Searched and Surfed your page great work
Charly 10 September 2005
I surfed on this by accident. Glad I did. I had a great little visit.
9 September 2005
I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work
Kolora 6 September 2005
Awesome site
Rosty 29 August 2005
Cool site!
Derek 4 August 2005
if yall dont stop racism then what is the world gonna come to
sarah lozi 1 August 2005
i love this site please keep the good work
IMO ABA 27 July 2005
Stop racism now, it´s sooooooooooo not cool
amy 20 June 2005
i hate racis people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oriana 18 June 2005
I think racism should stop because it really hurts peoples feelings.
becca 16 June 2005
i think that racism should be given a red card
Eric Morse 8 June 2005
stop the hate
eric morse 7 June 2005
I, I think that racism is a bad thing!!! We should stop racism!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Juff 6 June 2005
Hi good work You make me really proud
Tim Cong 6 June 2005
yo, dudes i think what yal doing is great dude,dude,dude.
Eric Morse 3 June 2005
hey eroc, dont yal think what there doing is very good? yeah i think they should stop racism in all soccer games.
alex waites 3 June 2005
I hate racism, its wrong and its horrible. Just because somebody is a different colour from us, doesnt mean that they shouldbe treated differently. I think that white peopleshould swap lives with black people and just see how we feel. I know i probably couldnt cope with it. I would also like to say that Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are 2 of my heroes. I think its great that they stood up for black rights!!! xxx
Tia 12 May 2005
stop it
12 May 2005
yeh i think we are all agreed that racism is bad for the game and that it needs to be kicked out but we shouldnt just be sat here talking bout it we should be up doing somehting to remove racism from football for good what use is it saying it should be gone when no one is willing to put in the effort i hope u all have your anti-racism wrist bands and your lets kick racism out of football t-shirts to show your support..
lee 9 May 2005
Obviously racism is unacceptable, however, i think it’s over the top worrying about racism which may affect up to a couple of thousand poeple in the UK yearly when millions of Africans are starving to death in ten’s of millions. I am all for racism being stooped but arn’t there greater cocerns?
Jonny 8 May 2005
i think think this is A gd webby KICK RACISUM OUT OF football
bex 27 April 2005
23 April 2005
great site mate
nathan 21 April 2005
what is it about racists first their racist to black peple now their rasist to asians like me ive personally had enough of racism not only in footie but school to there isnt even any asian or black teachers in my school who would actually bother to deal with racists
Amber 20 April 2005
i hate racism, go guys kick out rasists
bob 18 April 2005
get rid of racism
sam harris 18 April 2005
i think racism should stop
Arran 18 April 2005
pete 18 April 2005
Unite to Divide Racism, great job guys!
Spencer 13 April 2005
hi, great that you are back!!! bye bye
sammiej 8 April 2005
Racisum is so bad i’m so glad the comments page is open!!!!
louise 3 April 2005
get rid of racism every1 has equal rights in this world.
Ben Capewell 21 March 2005
good site
talli b2005 17 March 2005
lets kill racism
die racism die 15 March 2005
bad kick it out!!!
Darryl durno 14 March 2005
Dorey 7 March 2005
Its really mean to be horrible to people just because they are a differant colour to us.
cutie 5 March 2005
kick racism out right out its wrong
john clark-turner 4 March 2005
i think that racism should be stopped because it is sssoooooooo bad.
adam smart 1 March 2005
i think it is brill that u lot r doing everything to stop racism if there are any football tounement in the manchester area could you e-mail on
grimmy 1 March 2005
if racism dsnt go iwill
craig 28 February 2005
stop racicm now
cameron 28 February 2005
i think its cool you lot trying to stop racism cause i got racially abused by my football maniger 3 days ago.
usman jalil 27 February 2005
I am proud to be supporting the effort to eradicate the disgusting ’occurence’ known as racism. It has NO place on this earth. Good job everyone at FURD.
Dan Tennant-Ralphs 26 February 2005
It´s great that racism is on its way out of football because it ruins the game. The only difference is the colour of our skin. The people that are racist are so stupid and they shouldn´t be allowed to go in to a football grounds and watch a game of football.
Tim Kitchen 22 February 2005
I am the co-ordinator of an exhibtion that commemorates Albert Johanneson - who was the first black footballer to play in an FA Cup Final in 1965 - I am intrigued as to whether or not Sheffield football fans or football fans in South Yorks would be interested in seeing the exhibition and learning about this black South African icon. Like the site and I love the comments about FURD. I am also a very close friend of Sheila Leeson’s, Arthur Wharton’s grandaughter (the world’s first ever black professional footballer)
Paul Eubanks 4 February 2005
get your racism band on 6th of february
joe 2 February 2005
I am so please to hear that you are now back at the stables, after the problems that you have had with the fire. keep up the good work XX MT XX
27 January 2005
Great Site, and top marks to David James to support such a great cause with a wicked website. It helped me prepare a solo talk on Racism in Football! ROCK ON!!
Emma 25 January 2005
u rule
adam 9 December 2004
Kick out RACISM for good
Michael Sheridan 8 December 2004
kick out racism of football before it destroys peoples lives.
Thomas simpson 8 December 2004
This is a great site Im using it to do a talk for my GCSEs!!!!!!!!!!!
Kym 20 October 2004
I think furd are doing a great job, to promote anti-racism. we need to educate people in tolerance. I work with schoolkids, who volunteer at the charity I work for, as Millennium Volunteers, and It’s just brilliant to see these kids blossom, and develop their social conscience (in all ways; not just to counter racism). I was dismayed to hear about the arson attack, I hope the full weight of the law comes down on the individuals who committed this act. Good for you lot, keeping it all going despite that setback! don’t let that resolve go! All the best for the future, Keep up the good work! MT
michelle 18 October 2004
Wow...I am proud of FURD and the staff down at stables.....Big it for up Lisa..and Howard and Mursal and the rest of the crew....I just wanted to was great for me to read about the football competition in manchester..and we had a great support from...the Stables Crew..looooooooool Thank you guys...this is beautiful site..well done furd... lets kick racism out of Football bye
Ali Bilqasab 25 July 2004
hi I’m a rpofessional South African coach currently coaching in Vietnam and i’ve always been wanting to communicate and contact other likeminded people who are in this fight against ’evil’. Here in Vietnam we’ve intiated a suppoort group for African players who are subjected to rascism not just from fans, but more importantly from football officials and treated sub-humanely. The local officials are not to blame as they only take instructions from the foreign coaches they employ as Vietnamese people are not really rascist due to their generations of fighting oppression from colonialists. I would really like to link up with a renowned organisation and get more adcive/assistance as i can only support this intiatve on a very limited time basis due to my challenging job as a coach in Vietnam. Hope to here from other like minded invididuals or groups. Yours in Football Sudesh S. Singh <>
sudesh s. singh 17 June 2004
thanks to all that organised and helped on sunday at bramall lane. great day out!
chris ridley 26 April 2004
...Using FURD’S library to cover a dissertation on the lack of asians in footy...found staff friendly and approachable...and a superb library..
darren metcalfe 25 April 2004
BIANCA 19 April 2004
Brilliant site.....particularly good to see the issue of asains in football being and any other sport is a wonderful tool to unite people...keep up the good work.
Rashida 5 April 2004
Congratulations for Sharrow United’s efforts. Please wish them good luck for the final, and in the future. Barry Birks Wednesday ISA
Barry Birks 5 April 2004
berry-suff 2 April 2004
anyone who is a bigot or a recist is not a proper football fan in my views.
shovel 8 March 2004
Just surfed on in. Lovin the site you guys are running. Keep up the great work! STOP RACISM!!!
John 14 February 2004
I’m doing my englich project on racism, this site helped me out. Thanks!!!!
Aimee Hammond 13 February 2004
kick racism out for good
jason sadler 20 January 2004
never call any one who is a different colour to you
ashleigh 19 January 2004
Racism is not good at all. People shouldn’t be racisit in any way, it is an evil thing.
Necee 5 November 2003
Peace in my humble view, can only be achieved when we stop treating people differently because of the colour of their skin or their origins.
Rene Seren(Broadcaster) 26 October 2003
Great Site! Greetz from Kiel!
Tom 20 October 2003
I think that people should be coming more to this site because it tells the truth about people who are racist. They are on a diffrent planet.
Sarab Kay 15 October 2003
i think this site is great and it has helped me so much with my english project. i am glad to see someone is trying to stop the racism.
Anonymous 12 October 2003
Hi i think this website is great and it is a shame that people spoil such an interesting and loved sport by being racist. Well done people at FURD for protesting against it!
Anonymous 12 October 2003
i think that rascism should be kicked out of football
ashton 8 October 2003
A great web-site! Glad it`s proving so useful. Keep it up.
Ann RJ 26 September 2003
Racism should be stopped because it’s an evil thing
Anonymous 14 September 2003
I think that racism should be stopped because it hurts people no matter what their colour is. Everyone is the same treat people the way you want to be treated
sabah mohammed 14 September 2003
Hi to all the FURD crew! Just wanna thank you for such an informative site - it is indeed a true ideal that sport can be one of man’s best ways to unite people across the globe in free and fair competition. Best wishes for your future endeavours in keeping a lid on negative race-related behaviour at soccer (sorry, football!...I’m an Aussie) matches.
Ben Carter 22 July 2003
Hi there people at FURD!! We both think your site is grrrrrreat as Tony the Tiger says!!! You’re wondeful website has helped us raise awareness at our school, and now because of your wonderful Website we are dedicating our lives to help the fight against racism!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. WE LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!
Jennie & Laura 20 June 2003
The websites well good
Jack Graham 16 June 2003
Your site rules! It shows the most important side of the world! I thank you that I could have read it.
Aslaf Muhamed 16 May 2003
good to see things are developing...i’m a long way from sheffield almost all ’white’ suffolk..(come on you ’tractor boys’ !)...wishing you the best anti-racist greetings,Steve. (p.s.good luck to the blades in the playoffs...we won’t see you there)
steve catchpole 24 March 2003
Im really pleased to see that Football Unites, Racism Unites is going from strength to strength...Keep up the hard work From your number one Supporter.... Dionne
Dionne White 7 March 2003
Wow! What an amazing website! I came across it by accident but I’m really pleased! I am going to recommend this site to all of my friends. Please add more to this site! C U Soon!
Laura de Courcy 18 February 2003
Hi! We love RS so much, and find this site so helpful! Everytime we get online we can’t resist coming to it and learning all that we can, please keep it going!! Our grades have improved considerably since we started coming here 1 year ago, I was predicted an E in RS before I heard of this wonderful site, but now we’re both predicted A’s!! Thank you all so much in helping us achieve such a huge accomplishment, we couldn’t have done it without you FURD!!! I (Jenilee) am now looking forward to a career as a vicar, and just can’t wait to pass my exams! Thanks once again!! And btw, we are TOTALLY AGAINST racism in every possible way. I pray every night that it would come to an end, and I (Stacey) plan to devote my life to the war against racism. Thank you and Goodnight. PS Sorry if we wrote too much!
Stacey and Jenilee 7 February 2003
Hello, I’m Ivana from Italy. I visited your office in September. It’s nice. here in Italy we don’t have such a important project as you have..The website is also very interesting.
ivana 7 February 2003
i visited your office. It was very nice! Here in Italy we don’t have this kind of "project". The website is also very good.
ivana from italy 7 February 2003
iam a grade 11 student and i have been ask to give a speech on racism so i was surfing the net as usual and i found you guys i was really amazed to see you guys working for a very good cause so i wish you guys best of luck and keep the good work going
ahmad samad 16 January 2003
Good piece about the MTV music awards. Found ayaz’s article really funny!!! Keep up the good work on the website!!!
D titteron. 10 December 2002
Racism should be stopped.The world is about Equal Opportunities in work. Football is a job and the equal opportunities should exsist there to.!
Amy Witcombe 29 November 2002
nice to see that a person can speak to another like minded person on such a sensitive project
altaf arif 12 November 2002
go on sharrow utd!!!
alan rhodes 26 October 2002
Great site!! Keep up the good work and dont get intimidated by bigots and racists. Just one question. Why dont organizations like yourself and Athena Sport and others extend to Scotland where its not just racism but the most virulent forms of bigotry and sectarianism that bring shame to Scottish football?
Rebecca 11 October 2002
congratulations on funding news!!! see you all soon!!!
alan rhodes 8 August 2002
It matters inside what counts and people are not that nice to other black players
Trisha 1 July 2002
amazing site give us akiss
mgowen 14 June 2002
Great site but it is lacking in information about racism and religious divides in football
Joey Binks 11 June 2002
Keep up the good work
Operation Athena-Sport 29 May 2002
As a Burnley fan, i welcome such an organisation and am kinda jealous we haven’t got something similar! keep up the good work!
Danny 16 May 2002
i only found you today i am pleased that i did you will be on my favourites list thanks FURD
gjb 6 May 2002
Great Site! Congratulation!
Marilou 3 May 2002
i think that their should be no racism in the world expecially in sports.
nicole 1 May 2002
I am teaching racial awareness at primary school and your site has been of great help. Thanks.
marcus 22 April 2002
I am doing a project on Racism and this site is perfect for helping me out . Thanks for a great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Clarke 27 March 2002
Great to hear the Community Day is back! Hope it will be as good as the other two. Look forward to helping out on the day!
David T. 20 March 2002
just found this site, absolutely brilliant! it is also very important because lets face it, racism is still very much alive and well at the football match
mackem si 18 March 2002
Racism should not be entertained by any sane person regardless of creed.
B M Simfukwe 17 March 2002
I feel racism is just another issue in this evil society. We need to come together as one and begin to increase thepeace.
Kevin Twitty 8 March 2002
Have seen your site at last - impressive. We must continue to work together. Cheers AW, Chair, Federation of Stadium Communities
Ann Wilson 28 February 2002
I was finding out info on racism in my R.E. class and I came across this site on the internet and i think FURD is a very valuable site for information. l
Rodger 27 February 2002
Great site, good to know there are so many people who actually care!!!
Steffi 18 February 2002
Just a short message of support, plus thanks for a very well organised conference. Kick it out! Forza Herfølge! Up the Swans! Cheers, Jannik.
Jannik Hansen 14 February 2002
Like it! Good luck with the conference! C U SOON! Thanks for the lunch, it was really good to see you all. UP THE OWLS!
Alan Rhodes 9 February 2002
Its great that you care so much about the issue of racism. I think that you are fantastic
Ian Plumb 8 February 2002
The site is great. I did not see yuor old site but im sure it was just as good.
Tom 3 February 2002
I love this site, I have put it on my favourites. I really enjoy playing the wordsearch. It makes me realize the meaning of racism. Thank the maker of this site. Its great keep on going.
Emma Newport 31 January 2002
I think this site is brilliant and very educational and I have found it a great help with my R.E. project on racism. This site should go on forever.
Gemma Brimson 31 January 2002
I think this is a great web site. Racism is a real concern for me in this world. I hope that something like this web site can begin to change the thoughts of people.
Lindsey 29 January 2002
I found FURD some months a go. I was helping my wife with some research for her university work in racism and got realy interested in furd and doing some reserch in Blackburn. Keep up the great work.
David Sillitoe 22 January 2002
I think that racism should be stopped because it is a bad thing to do. For all the people out with these problems we are with you all the way
Katy Jackway 18 January 2002
great that you are back!
marco 14 January 2002
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